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Seniors College of Prince Edward Island COVID-19 Operational Plan

September 30, 2021


Thank you for your continued support of Seniors College as we navigate through the ongoing challenges presented with respect to managing the COVID pandemic. 

Please note the following COVID-19 Operational Plan for Seniors College of PEI. A downloadable pdf copy is attached to this News item. 

Seniors College of Prince Edward Island does not have a physical location. However, the College will take every step necessary to ensure compliance by its’ Members and Facilitators with the COVID-19 Operational Plans of those venues used in the delivery of our courses.  

The Seniors College program in 2021/2022 will deliver approximately 160 courses in various community centres, municipal buildings, schools, and places of worship in the Greater Charlottetown, Summerside and Montague areas.


To ensure compliance with the Public Health Office Guidelines:

1. Members of Seniors College will continuously be made aware of the latest Public Health Guidelines via our website and social media page as well as through direct email.


2. Seniors College will adhere to the capacity limits of the venues that we use by restricting registrations in our classes to ensure compliance with those limits.


3. Contact tracing will be completed at every class in accordance with the Public Health Guidelines (e.g. date, location, full name, phone number etc.). Seniors College will retain the contact tracing lists as directed by those guidelines, ensuring ease of access and confidentiality.   


4. Directors of the Board of Seniors College will assist Facilitators in taking class attendance and certifying vaccination requirements, as required. 


5. Members will be required to follow the posted public health requirements of the venue

(e.g. masking, directional arrows, posted entrance and exit doors, proof of vaccination, maintaining a distance of 2 m. in each class, etc.)


6. Members may be required to bring proof of vaccination to every class or have a Vax Pass when it becomes available. 


7. Members who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons will be required to provide proof as directed by the Public Health Guidelines.


8. Members are encouraged to stay at home if feeling unwell.


9. Members who travel outside the Atlantic region will be expected to wait for their second negative COVID-19 test result (4-8 days after their return to the province) before returning to class at Seniors College.


10. Meetings of the Board of Directors of Seniors College will comply with all the COVID-19 Public Health Guidelines at the venue where the meeting is held. 


This Policy is subject to revision, as necessary, to ensure compliance with updates to the Public Health Guidelines.


Dated September 29th, 2021

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