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Computer: iPad Advanced Topics (Queens County)

This course will expose iPad owners to several applications, setups, and tips to get the most out of their iPad. Classes will focus on specific uses of the iPad and suggest useful applications and best practices. The topics we will explore include: review of basics, in-depth iPad Overview, Apple ID, dealing with your stuff, cloud storage, the App Store, saving space on your iPad, travel with your iPad, photo transfers, camera and printing, mastering maps, GPS, Games, shopping, banking, connecting things, home networking, video meetings, organizing information, informing, reminding, lifestyle apps and safe computing.

Course Locations and Times

Offering Period & TimeLocationStatus
Fall10/06/2023 - 11/10/2023
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
UPEI - Health Sciences Building - HSB 103
Spring04/05/2024 - 05/10/2024
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
UPEI - Health Sciences Building - HSB 105
550 University Ave
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RequirementsWorking iPad knowledge (not a beginner’s class), your current apple-id/account, An iPad with a current version of iPad OS installed.
ObjectivesTo share experiences and learn about some of the advanced iPad capabilities using applications, external information sources and connected devices.
Teaching ProcessThe teaching process varies by topic, but generally consists of informal lecture with demonstrations of applications and hands-on student activity.
UPEI Parking Pass Required?Yes
Additional Costs?No
Additional Costs or InformationStudents must have their own iPad with a current version of iOS installed. Students may have to purchase applications if they would like to use them on their iPads. Parking at UPEI is an additional cost that is the responsibility of members.

Course Facilitator

David L. Cairns

David was the Senior Technology Advisor at UPEI before he retired and has extensive experience with mobile computing platforms, applications , computer networking and in-depth knowledge of a plethora of applications. He held a number of senior technical and administrative positions at UPEI including Senior Systems Analyst and Director of IT Systems and Services.