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Advanced Reading and Writing Poetry: William Butler Yeats (Queens County)

Course Locations and Times

TermLocationOffering PeriodOffering DayOffering TimeStatus
WinterOnline01/13/2023 - 02/24/2023Friday9:30 AM - 11:30 AMOpen

Course Details

DescriptionThe course Advanced Reading and Writing Poetry : William Butler Yeats will exploring the works of William Butler Yeats and use these as springboards for writing original poetry. The understanding and appreciation of poetry will be deepened through reading and analyzing selected poems by Yeats and writing poetry in response to the poems read. The course will culminate in a celebration of the students’ works at a poetry reading pot luck with invited guests. All of Yeats’s poems can be found at https://www.csun.edu/~hceng029/yeats/collectedpoems.html
Requirements1. Attendance 2. Participation in discussions and exercises 3. Writing materials (notebook or binder, pens or pencils) 4. https://www.csun.edu/~hceng029/yeats/collectedpoems.html
ObjectivesDuring the 7 weeks of this course, students will 1. Read, analyze, and appreciate poetry by William Butler Yeats 2. Deepen their knowledge of the different elements and forms of poetry by analyzing Yeats’s poems 3. Develop a poetic perspective through guided exercises and word games 4. Write poetry using models from William Butler Yeats
Teaching ProcessStudent-centered learning using metacognitive processing applied to Critical Reading, Discussion, Writing, and Sharing
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Additional Costs?No
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Course Facilitator

NameCindy Lapeña
Cindy has a Master of Arts in Literature in English. She taught various literature courses at the university level, including World Literature, Asian, and African Literature; started and taught the short story appreciation class for Seniors College in 2015/2016 and short story writing (2015); and has taught the literature class for Seniors College since 2017, and the newly-launched Reading and Writing Poetry (2022).