Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can enrol in Seniors College?

The College is open to anyone age 50 or older. In the event that you are fifty or older and your spouse is not, you may both enrol. No prior college or university experience is required to participate in Seniors College.

Q. How much does each course cost?

Seniors College works on a membership basis. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. The annual registration fee is $170.00 and you can take as many courses as you want over three consecutive semesters. Wherever possible, courses do not have an enrolment limit but most are restricted by the capacity of the venue. Some courses, however, do adhere to a maximum class size - computer courses would be one such example.
Cheques are payable to: Seniors College of PEI.
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Q. Who teaches the courses?

All facilitators enjoy teaching and have a passion for their subject. Many are retired professors/teachers or practitioners in their chosen fields.

Q. How long are the courses?

Courses vary in length from 1 week to 10 weeks. The majority of courses run 6 to 8 weeks and are usually two to three hours per session. Typically courses are taught in the morning 9am to noon or afternoon 1pm to 4pm. Some classes may be late afternoon, evening or on weekends. Most facilitators provide a mid-session break.

Q. Are there any prerequisites required for these courses?

There are no prerequisites. However some courses are offered in a skill or knowledge sequence and it is strongly recommended you take an introductory course, or have equivalent experience, before trying a more advanced course. Examples include courses in computer and certain music and art courses.

Q. Are there any exams or homework?

No exams, no homework, no term papers, not even little quizzes! In some courses, facilitators may offer a little take home challenge to stimulate course interest, or recommend practice between classes.

Q. Can you ask questions or interact with other class members?

The whole purpose of Seniors College is to provide an enjoyable learning experience so your involvement in the classroom is encouraged. We encourage peer learning. Everyone learns – even the facilitators!

Q. Are courses ever cancelled?

Seniors College reserves the right to cancel courses based on low registration or other unforseen circumstances essential for the delivery of the course. Courses that have 8 or fewer participants may be cancelled.

Q. How many courses are offered?

Presently, more than 100 courses are offered Island wide - in Queens, Prince, and Kings Counties - in three different semesters: Fall, Winter and Spring.

Q. What about parking?

Most courses are offered in off-campus locations, where parking is the responsibility of the member. PARKING AT UPEI is limited. Seniors College suggested options: park at a campus meter, take a bus from the malls (7 min), or get dropped off. For more information visit the parking services page or call 902-566-0384.

Q. Who administers Seniors College?

The College is administered by a volunteer Board. The College Coordinator is Tory Kennedy who looks after the day-to-day operation of the College.

Q. Storm Procedures

Classes are cancelled for the day in Charlottetown and surrounding areas when UPEI cancels classes (announced on most radio stations) and will be posted on the UPEI website. Classes are cancelled in Prince County and Kings County when the public schools are closed. Otherwise, Seniors College classes will run as usual.
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